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Irish ancestry and genealogy, tracing your roots Ireland, family history research in Ireland. Look for your Irish family history. Search for your ancestors’ birth, marriage and death records. Find Irish Ancestors.

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Irish StampMany of us can claim to be descended from those who left their Ireland to seek a better life elsewhere. Can you think of anything more enjoyable than spending a vacation in Ireland tracing your ancestral roots? Walk the paths they once walked, visit the old homestead, chat with the locals; do all of the things that you cannot do at a computer screen and bring back the emotional element, so often lacking in today's family research. Are you curious about the role your family has played in history? Why your ancestors departed their original birthplace? How you ended up - a generation or generations later - being where you are today? If you've ever thought of tracing your Irish roots, you're not alone; world-wide, there are an estimated 60 million people who claim Irish ancestry. Search for your ancestors’ birth, marriage and death records. Find Irish Ancestors quickly.

You can do this on your own at: o Genealogical Office, Dublin — operates consultation service on how to start a search o National Library, Dublin — extensive records and other genealogical materials o Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast — official records from 1820 onwards

Barack Obama is both Scottish and Irish
Scotland: A maternal ancestor, Edward FitzRandolph, is said to have emigrated to America in the 17th century and Mr Obama is also said to be descended from William the Lion, who ruled Scotland between 1165 and 1214
Ireland: Barack Obama’s Irish ancestors originated in Moneygall and neighboring Shinrone in County Offaly, Ireland.

Surely, they are Irish
However, by filling out our Irish genealogical research form, an Irish genealogist will do your family research in Ireland. The family history information you uncover will be authentic and comprehensive - derived from about 15 million religious, civil and land records, some of which go as far back as the 17th century. It will be a unique and personal journey that you undertake, one that traverses time and space; the excitement comes in not knowing where it will all end. Our website opens a gateway to the organizations, associations and individuals that can successfully link you to the people and places of your family's past. Through us, you will begin the exciting and emotional adventure that is the search for your ancestral roots. It will inspire a desire to return to your ancestral home, to breathe the air and walk the land of your forbears and experience that unique 'sense of place' that completes the journey of discovery. We will send you a form to fill out. (the county of origin must be known). Please note that it will take approximately 28 days for the product to be delivered. Once your Irish roots are found for you, we will be able to plan a more meaningful trip for you. Markree Castle

Click here for Family Vacation Suggestions. Nothing can be more rewarding than sharing your cultural heritage with your children or grandchildren. We have created a special multi-generation adventure to build on your relationship, secure in the knowledge that our activities will interest the young and the young at heart. You and your family will learn about the best of Ireland and Britain.

1. What is a Location Search? If you know the county of origin of your Irish ancestor "The Location Search" identifies the place of origin, the townland or area of your ancestor within that county. Our "Location Search" is conducted using the main genealogical sources, the local expert knowledge and databases of the network of county-based Irish Family History Foundation centers or the services of a professional genealogist. Once the location has been identified we will then highlight this location for you on an Ordnance Survey Map and supply you with a professionally designed "Location Certificate," certified by the genealogist who conducted the research. This "Location Certificate" is very attractive when framed and hung at home or in the workplace.
2. What do I receive if the search is successful? {short description of image}Assuming a successful outcome you will receive : a) A personalized letter from the relevant county center or professional genealogist detailing the sources searched, the findings of the research and indicating where in the county the ancestor was born. The letter will also outline additional research which can be carried out which could lead to more extensive information on your ancestor's family. b) The "Location Certificate" which certifies the place of origin in the county of the ancestor, naming you or your nominee as a descendant. c) An Ordnance Survey Map of the county or town/city on which we will highlight the place of birth of your ancestor. d) All of the above will be posted to you in an attractive presentational folder with additional information on tracing your Irish roots and visiting Ireland. We will also give you suggestions for further avenues to pursue to find your Irish roots.
3. What does it cost? The search may be added to any booking for $100. Please note that a successful search is dependent on the accuracy of the information supplied and that there is no refund for an unsuccessful search. One search per booking. This price also includes shipping charges. Please note that it will take approximately 28 days for the product to be delivered.

Here is a sample of what you will receive:

Ms Ellen McNulty
Lynott Tours Inc.

25 May 2004

Dear Ellen

Thank you for your enquiry regarding your ancestor John Joseph McNulty who was born in 1877. His parents were Samuel McNulty and Elizabeth O Hara.

Before we begin, it is worth noting that the dates that record keeping began varied tremendously from Parish to Parish throughout County Sligo some starting as early as 1796, while others did not start until 1890. It must also be noted that there are 'gaps' in the records, owing to complete records books being discarded, lost or damaged. A typical Baptismal entry will specify the exact date of baptism, the name of the child and the names of the parents including very often the maiden name of the mother, the names of the sponsors and sometimes the street or townland.

I began your enquiry by checking the Baptismal Records for John Joseph McNulty. We did not limit our search to one Parish, as it is standard practice for us to search the entire County of Sligo, in all denominations. The following are the results of my search:

I found four children with a father listed as Samuel (he is listed as Simon on one record) McNulty and a mother listed as Elizabeth O Hara in Sligo town parish. One of those four sons was called John but he was born in 1872. The marriage registers were checked and I can confirm that a record was found for the union of Samuel McNulty and Elizabeth O Hara in Sligo in 1861. This record listed their address, the parish, witnesses and both the bride and grooms parent's names-Samuel's parents were James McNulty and Margaret Stephenson, Elizabeth's parents were John O Hara and Mary/Maria Hennessy. ...
Here is what we need from you:
Applicant's Details : Full Name : Phone : Address : (please include Street Address, Town/City and County/State) Fax : E-mail : Ancestor's Details : Child's Forename : Child's Surname : Father's Forename : Father's Surname : Mother's Forename : Mother's Maiden Surname : Approximate Year of Birth : Child's Religion : Any other Relevant Information :

Search for your Scottish ancestors here.

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